Fri-YAY: Carry-All Must Have

All women love big bags. Some of my days include work and school so a big purse/bag/suitcase is a necessary for my daily responsibilities. I found this one and kept it on my wish list. I love this one, but I needed something that could carry books, my mason jar salads, water bottle, coffee thermos etc. every day so I could eliminate carrying a purse and a bag. I love the Tory Burch one and read lots of reviews but ended up with this one because it’s reversible and if said mason jar salad or coffee thermos doesn’t close properly and spills, a $50 bag ruined seemed like the safer choice.

tassles2 tassles3 tassles5

Besides the bag, I’m pretty much a walking Old Navy campaign. Which brings me to my next point. Perhaps I’m getting old, but can we talk about how comfortable clogs are? I’m thinking of getting a brown pair. I was experimenting with these but I think I’m hooked. I can wear them all day at work!


2 thoughts on “Fri-YAY: Carry-All Must Have

    1. I know!!! Even wedges sometimes are no good. These were def a cheap find so I can’t imagine what some with a little bit more support will feel like! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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