Fall Bucket List!

The temperatures are finally reflecting that fall is right around the corner. For today anyway. Who knows what could happen when you are living with Mid-South weather? My home however, is more than ready: IMG_5185-0

One of my best friends gifted me this “Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice” print on the picture ledge and I love it! I cannot wait to display it every fall. I may have gone overboard with Day of the Dead decor, but all of the colors make me SO happy.

I love lists and setting goals to enjoy every season (except summer because…. too hot to think) bringing to life ‘THE FALL BUCKET LIST’:

  1. Visit a pumpkin patch (obvi).
  2. Run a half-marathon.
  3. Cook in our crock-pot. Possibly: soups. I mean, it cooks for you!
  4. Indoor Project: Sew something, knit something.
  5. Bake delicious sweets.
  6. Make chili lots of times.
  7. Drive to Canada, take a million pictures.
  8. Learn a new craft.
  9. Go on some nature walks!
  10. Work on my messy book!

So many of my fall goals have to do with making things. I recently listened to Liz Gilbert’s podcast, Magic Lessons, and I was so inspired. We all lead such busy lives, it’s so hard to sit down and “make” something sometimes. Our society is also fueled by instant gratification so sometimes, we just want the stuff. When I think of doing something creative, it becomes this big task in my mind that must mean I have to rent a cabin in the middle of nowhere, turn off my phone, my computer, and not shower until I finish. She reminded that “Big Magic” can happen anywhere. I have also recently listened to Amy Poehler’s book and she explained she wrote her book on subway commutes, in between sets, during nap time, etc. So basically, everyone is onto this secret of being creative with limited time and I plan on not being left behind. Is everyone being creative without me?

Just because:

I mean, really? I put pumpkin spice for a coffee topping in the pumpkin and Mr. Gourd is full of jolly cinnamon. 


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