Book Review: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

This is not so much a book review as it is a proclamation that I am reading this book and that I hope to be kept accountable for this season in life as I strive to follow the life threatening productive steps in this book! Bonus: Husband is on board.

We moved this year and downsized a lot of our belongings. We have said before that we are in that stage where we have lots of things(furniture, dishes, trinkets, etc) that were given to us when we first moved out of our parents homes and we gladly received and appreciated. As a result, some of the things we have aren’t exactly our taste/style and we would like to upgrade. ie: they do not “spark joy”. We could never justify said upgrading because we already have ‘stuff’. Enter: this book that makes me feel like it’s OK for me to not LOVE my 1970 hand me down rain coat that is in my closet and has never been worn but was given to me because I like vintage things. Also, why can’t I just say no thanks?

After moving, we were left with some things that we actually really liked, but we can still do better. I have been so inspired in finding other blog entries about the progress that people have made with the help of some tips in this book! I have always believed that your outer environment reflects your inward environment. I cannot study or concentrate at work with a messy desk. I end up procrastinating, cleaning the desk, and then rushing through my work. Same goes with my home. When I walk into a room that’s untidy, my psychological state is instantly affected.

So, the book says that it could take 6 months to truly “tidy” your home after evaluating every object. Our goal is to find a new home by that time so the timeline is perfection. This just happens to be when our lease and my inner timeline with apartment CARPET ends.

We are going on a road trip this week and we are hoping to come back really inspired and ready to start discarding. Wish us luck! Also, we have resolved to not invade each other’s “discarding” phase as we cannot be the judge of what sparks joy in each other’s lives. This is in particular hard for me because if my husband decides that 2005’s cargo shorts spark joy in his life….. I may have to discard him? I kid, I kid. I will keep you updated on the mess/happy times that cleaning out my closet will be.

Also, Why are the writers of The Walking Dead THE WORST? ? ? Who watches and who is heartbroken this Monday morning as I am?


3 thoughts on “Book Review: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

  1. Great post. I read this book a couple months ago but I didn’t do a full review on it either because I wasn’t ready to implement all the suggestions Marie Kondo made. I used her technique to revamp my drawers and found it amazing. Someday soon, I plan to reread the book at a time when I can focus on the actual life-changing tidying the book discusses.
    I am going to follow you. Please check me out and follow me too. Today I’m talking about goal setting and intentional living

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