Traveling Uniform

We are on day 4 of road tripping! It’s been so fun! Currently writing from Toronto, Ontario. Had a lovely dinner catching up with a friend last night and ready for a full day of sightseeing! 

I wanted to share my favorite travel uniform. 

On this particular day we traveled from Ohio to Pennsylvania then Buffalo, NY in time for a beautiful Niagara Falls sunset. 

The weather has changed dramatically since leaving the south and I got a great new WARM and functional jacket to add to my closet. This is kind of new for me because I prefer to just be “cute”. That plan wasn’t working for me in this Great Lake weather. 

My travel uniform entails: a big tunic like this one, scarf, leggings or tights for comfort. I usually have slip-ons like Tom’s for traveling because they’re comfortable and easy to manage. When we get to our destination, I’ll slip into my regular shoe! What do you wear during traveling?   


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