All the Fall Foliage + Pouffy Jackets

Our road trip was full of the best fall foliage! Probably the best I’ve seen. We got to Toronto, ON Canada on the 3rd day. We ran into this little park as we were exploring with all of the necessary fall colors. Halfway through our road trip we both had to buy jackets. I will say, no one has jackets like the Great Lakes area does! Also, can we please get a Nordstrom rack? Thanks! The pouffiest version of myself follows.

IMG_3198 IMG_3200

Hat & Gloves, DressBooties, Jacket

Confession time: I hate jackets. I think they ruin all outfits. This results in me being zero prepared for most events between November – March. During this trip I had to get over it and invest in a jacket. I did some research last year so I had an idea of what I wanted. Quilted, knee length, pouffy. I found this at Nordstrom Rack as we were passing through Buffalo, NY. I don’t regret it. This jacket blocked the wind and kept me warm. If I can offer any tips on jacket shopping, it’s length. I have never owned one this long and I think it really helped!

We are home now and I can’t wait to resume the magic. Stay tuned for how I survive my first step. THE CLOSET!


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