3 Closet Purge Discoveries: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (Part 2)

WOW! I cannot even begin to explain the relief I felt after I completed Step 1 of the journey to tidying up my home.


I have always felt like a tidy person. I don’t have the dress I wore on my first day of high school stashed away in my closet. I make it a point to clean out my closet every season with things that I didn’t wear and donate or trash accordingly based on wear. Needless to say, I really thought this would be easy. “I’ll give myself an hour to do it”, I said. Two hours later and an extra cup of coffee (for strength during shoe category) I came out with FOUR TRASH BAGS of clothes in the donation pile. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?

I have come up with some reasons.

  1. I am the oldest sister, but I just so happen to have the sweetest mom ever who constantly either passes things off to me when she’s done wearing or if she finds something she thinks I should would be wearing to work, she buys it for me. The guilt that goes along with getting rid of something passed off/gifted by a family member is strange. I simply didn’t want to hurt my mom’s feelings and I wanted to learn to like it. Marie Kondo explains this in her book and it made total sense to me once I saw the clothes I was getting rid of. Not that my mother has bad taste, some of them just simply were unflattering or they were not my style.
  2. I try to be too frugal. When I go shopping, I go straight to the sales section. I love saving money, but I noticed while purging my closet, the things I wear the most… (and I wear A LOT) are not the things I would consider “saving money on”, yet they are the most practical and I actually get a lot of use out of them. Instead of going for that $5 tank top at Target for 85% off, I should just buy the $30 top that I’m going to wear 20 days out of the month.
  3. I’m getting old. The shoes section kinda hurt me. I used to be that girl that could wear 4 inch heels all day long and would trick myself into thinking they were comfortable. Now, I have purchased ONE pair of black wedges for work that I love and I wear consistently. I threw out a lot of stilettos. I kept some that I knew I could wear for date nights or GNO, but for the most part, can a girl be comfortable in a nice LOW wedge all day? K, thanks. I’m working myself up to kitten heels. I will keep you updated on that.

So far my only complaint is the folding. I love how organized everything looks, but it is taking me forever. Suggestions?

Stay tuned for my next least favorite part: BOOKS.


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